A S L E E P evening oil
A S L E E P evening oil
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A S L E E P evening oil

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Say goodnight to your skin with a combination of oils that hydrate, protect and refine your skin.

Sweet almond oil, bakuchi (natures retinol), apple stem cells, fermented radish root ( nature's preservative } and last but not least 'Made by Djuna' olive oil, rosehip and rose oil infused with lavender.  All ingredients are organic and ethically sourced. No animal testing, and perfect for those who prefer vegan products.

Leaves your skin soft, hydrated and ready for bed.

A S L E E P restores the balance and encourages cell turnover while you are dreaming the night away.


  • Sweet Almond Oil. Think moisture barrier as well as a pore minimizer.
  • Squalene Oil (plant based) occurs naturally in our skin. As we age we lose it. This oil promotes blood circulation, promoting collagen production. Simply put, your skin loves it.
  • Bakuchi Oil, nature’s retinol. Encourages cell renewal without the irritation of chemical retinols.
  • A healthy dose of the divine fruit, Pomegranate Oil. Helps reduce the effects of sun damage.
  • I believe in Science. It’s a good thing. Plant derived stem cells, a brand new tool to combat pesky wrinkles, it reduces inflammation (think acne) and enhances collagen production.
  • Finally, Djuna's oil ( with lavender and rose ) evens your skin tone, hydrates and repairs your skin while you dream.
       A S L E E P  &  R E S T O R E
Ethically sourced oil, chemical free; no claims for eliminating fine lines and wrinkles, prevention is my philosophy, this oil is just plain healthy.
Test on small area of arm before using.
Small Batch | Made by Hand

30ml dropper bottle