My ode to Ziggy StarDust, David Bowie, that hair, that makeup and those clothes. Be still my beating heart.
StarDust Body Glimmer
I have been working on this body lotion for about a year. It has been a total labor of love. My goal was to make a glimmery, creamy, and emollient body lotion that was chock-full of ingredients that not only nourish your skin but has ingredients (all organic and natural) that both fight free-radical and encourage cell turnover which encourages collagen production.
I want to address the ingredients and what they each offer for skin rejuvenation. The carrier oil is pomegranate oil. I find this oil the ultimate carrier oil, it is the Divine Fruit. Pomegranate oil penetrates deep into your skin's epidermis and does not clog pores (I use it in all my face oils for that very reason). It is silky and luxurious, it just feels good.
Additional ingredients include ginger essential oil, blood orange essential oil and green tea essential oil. These are powerful anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants combat free radicals that damage our skin. As our body ages it loses its ability to fight the effects of free radicals. The result is more free radicals, more oxidative stress, and more damage to cells, which leads to degenerative processes, as well as “normal” aging. The essential oils protect your skin from these environmental stressors. Think consumption of alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and yup, our screwed up environment- think air pollution. Here's a link to a great article that can give you a serious understanding of what a free radical can do to your insides and your outsides-both need to be healthy for beautiful skin.
What does combatting anti-oxidants do for your skin? From Well + Good  “Antioxidants are the hardest-working skin-care ingredients in the game. Not only do they scavenge free radicals—the number one skin-aging culprits—to promote a brighter, more even complexion, they’re also the superstars at nixing fine lines and keeping skin looking fresh. “Antioxidants are often considered the fountain of youth by skin-care professionals and experts,” says Victoria Lewis, medical esthetician at Tribeca MedSpa. “They protect, prevent, and limit free radical damage, and some assist with hydration and inflammation. Not only will your skin be better looking, but it will also be healthier in general.”
This lotion also contain Bakuchi oil. This is nature's retinol. Retinol in its chemical form is pretty harsh. This oil is a gentle way to exfoliate skin and again encourage collagen production. I also add carrot essential oil, nature's sunscreen without all the chemicals. I am not advocating sun bathing, but I love to be outdoors, swim and hang out by the pool, so use it and protect your skin from UV rays. 
Another super cool ingredient is Apple Stem Cell serum. I use plant stem cell extract from the Uttwiler Spatlauber apple tree, which is also patented as PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica. It has been shown to stimulate human cell growth and division of cells. Other bennies, it defends human stem cells against the damage that UV rays present to our skin. It combats aging. I like to think I am stopping the march of wrinkles on my body. Finally it reduces the depth of wrinkles.
One other question, why do we want to encourage collagen production? Collagen is a protein naturally produced in the body. Collagen improves skin elasticity, it reduces visible wrinkles, and increases blood flow to the skin.
I also add organic radish root as nature’s preservative and I keep my lotion ‘in the dark’- protects the lotion from light ensuring the ingredients remain intact and potent. 
And finally my almost favorite part of this lotion, ethically sourced gold mica. A little shimmer, super subtle but catch the light and you'll see those Ziggy Stars.
Available in 8oz glass bottle, look for our recycling and reuse program-coming soon - this program will allow you to order refills without having to purchase another bottle. Working on that one-thanks for the idea Cathy! I am also offering a small sample pack in order to try it before committing to the full size option. 
The lotion is a beautiful peachy color, from the gold mica and Bakuchi oil. It does not stain your skin, it is absorbed. All that is left is a lovely sheen with a bit of glimmer.
We are made of stars. True Fact.
Ziggy StarDust 

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