VOTE-Here's the Drill.

Let's just be honest. Donald J. Trump is actively trying to rig this presidential election. Here are some handy tips and a variety of websites to calm your nerves and to insure that your vote gets counted.

Head over to Vote America- you can register to vote and also check if you are still registered. This is super important. Don't assume you are registered. The "dirty trickster" Republicans are actively suppressing YOUR vote. States' can purge voter rolls and catch voters off guard, so know your status. Check out Fair Fight- remember Georgia, remember that Stacey Abrams would have been Governor of Georgia if the election had not been twisted by its current Governor.

Please mail your ballot as soon as you receive it. Even if the postage has been paid please put a stamp on your ballot, check that you have all information filled out correctly, and make sure you sign up for tracking through the USPS. Be sure you check your state's tracking system, it varies state by state. If you are really paranoid and feel comfortable going to the polls then do it-wear a mask, hell wear gloves and then you know the drill, go home, change clothes and wash your hands.

We ALL have to vote, don't assume your vote doesn't matter if you live in a Blue State. It matters. We need a landslide. Trump's going to litigate, agitate his base and just flat out lie (what's new), so it is important that BidenHarris 2020 have a gazillion votes.

Folks, everything is on the line. We have to get our country back. We have to roll up our sleeves and fight for social and criminal justice change. We have to elect a Democratic Senate and House. This is critical in order to actually make the United States an actual Democracy-hate to break this to you but we are not and have never been a Democracy that lives up to our Constitution. But that post is for another day. 

Yes, this is a political post. If there are any Trump folks reading this (and I highly doubt little ole me has that kind of audience) please read objective and fair journalism. The NYTimes and The Washington Post are not 'fake news'. For those of you that align with the left, this is the most important vote in our lifetime. Almost 200,000 souls have died from COVID-19, our economy is in shambles, we need to get back into the Paris Accord and address Climate Change and we need to structurally tear down our criminal justice system and rebuild it with laws that protect BIPoC from the ravages of our police forces and criminal justice system. There is more to do, but we gotta take one effort at a time. Right now, it's literally getting Donald J. Trump out of the White House.

So please, take the time and insure your vote gets counted, vote early and if you vote in person, stay well.



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