Paint a Pretty Smile Each Day

I literally listen to this song every morning. I dance almost everyday, I have numerous playlists that help me get my ya-ya's out and I always finish the dance party with 'All About Love' by Earth Wind and Fire. It's like a personal sermon.



My Mom and Dad took us to church maybe once.  I went to Mass with my Grandmother when we lived in Germany and it scared the 'you know what' out of me. I was incredibly uncomfortable, didn't know when or how to kneel, cross myself; didn't know the hymns. 

I didn't have any formal religious training and my father was an agnostic. My mother a lapsed Methodist. I do remember having to say a prayer before dinner and I do remember saying a prayer before bed when I was a little girl. I always had to say 'God Bless You ____________' (insert family members' name). That now baffles me. Were we covering our bases?

That is the extent of my religious upbringing. I can only think of one other area in my life that was devoted to understanding Christianity. My Dad drug me in and out of museums and churches when we lived in Germany. We went to Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, and the Alhambra; we saw a lot of crosses, cherubs, angels and arches.

Naturally I didn't bring religion into my marriage. My former husband, a Roman Catholic, didn't either. We were agnostic. We didn't observe with our children, no goodnight prayers, no thanking God for our daily bread. But love was a big deal, treating others with love and respect and kindness, a big deal. I do believe my father taught me the same. 

So that leaves me with a unique vision of spirituality. I believe I am also agnostic. I believe in the stars and the moon and the galaxies. We are made with stardust. We have the universe in our DNA. I love humanities and philosophy, but I just cannot get next to organized religion.

But this song. It does make me weep, those slightly wet eyes, maybe a little wiggly chin, this song is just a bit of affirmation. It lifts me up when I am down, it makes me crazy high when I am flying. It's the sweet ending to an hour of raucous dancing and it makes me enter my day with love and the desire to love in my heart.

 So I am with you, Maurice White, it's all about love.

We never spend time talking to you,
So we figure we'd lay it on you,
Let you know how we feel about love.
Paint a pretty smile, each day
Lovin', is a blessing,
Never let it fade away
It's all about love.
Build yourself a true romance,
There's beauty that surrounds you
You deserve just one more chance
My dear, my dear
Let the light shine, all through your mind
 feel your little heart aglow
Take the time, make up your mind
It's all about love.
Talking to yourself is fine
makes you feel much better,
Know just where to draw the line
My dear, my dear 
Bound to fall in love one day
Surely and you need it,
Pretty smile will always say
my dear

We want to take this moment
To run down a couple of things
About things we see everyday
Now, I want you to stop
Whatever you're doing
Just stop
You know, they say there's beauty
In the eyes of the beholder, which I say is not the fact.
'Cause you are as beautiful
As your thoughts, right on.
You know, for instance, we study
All kinds of cult sciences, astrology,
Mysticism, world religion, so forth you dig
And like coming from a hip place,
All these things help
Because they give you insight to your inner self
Have mercy!
Now...there's an outer self
We got to deal with
The one that likes to go to parties,
One that likes to dress up and be cool
And look pretty,
on ego-trips, all this
Hear you all, I'm trying to tell you,
You gotta love you
you gotta love all the beautiful things around you,
Trees and birds...and if
There ain't no beauty,
You got to make some beauty
Have mercy!
Feel it, Feel it.
Listen to me, Yeah!

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