Mud & Piñon Face Mask

On a recent trip to New Mexico and the Taos Pueblo I fell in love once again with adobe mud and the piñon tree. The two together, mixed with a bit of honey, deep cleans your face and throat, tightens and refines your pores. And . . . it smells so good.

Although you have to go to New Mexico and mix your own adobe mud, we will use bentonite clay for this mask.

Mud & Pinon Face Mask

Whisk ingredients, apply to face quickly as the clay will harden, relax for about 15 minutes; remove mask with a designated washcloth (it will get dirty). Rinse thoroughly with hot water; it will penetrate you pores making it easier to completely remove the mud. 


Piñon essential oil reduces inflammation and associated redness, can aide in the treatment of skin conditions: think eczema and acne. It is nature's antiseptic.

Bentonite clay removes impurities (oil and toxins) from your skin. The mud has a calming effect on irritated | inflamed skin. The Mud & Piñon mask can help remove impurities from the skin, treat acne, and the raw honey maintains skin's moisture.  

Raw Honey nourishes and moisturizes your skin. The mud and honey work in tandem to keep your skin moist and balanced. The mud deep cleans, the honey plumps your skin and prevents free-radical damage. Raw honey attracts and retains moisture, and maintains your skin's moisture levels. 

Use once a week to deep clean your face and throat, follow the treatment with AWAKE or ASLEEP face serum.



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